Surge Test:

PT5040 Surge Tester

Impulse winding tester PT5030 Surge tester


  • Market leading test solution for up to 5000V Surge Test
  • Optional Control Software for full control and  data storage  
  • Impulse voltage of 100V~5000V 
  • Two models  1-channel and 4-channel Available 
  • Each channel can be programmed and controlled as high / low-terminal and OFF 
  • High efficiency 65k colour 7” TFT display  
  • Up to 200Msps waveform sampling rate 
  • Maximum measuring speed: 6meas/sec 
  • High bandwidth analog acquisition circuit 
  • Corona extraction algorithm 
  • Waveform comparison 
  • Automatic storage of instrument parameters 
  • Amplification, stretch and movement of the waveform for accurate display 
  • Non Destructive testing - low energy discharge
  • Foot control: START/STOP 

Surge Test: KUST PT series Advanced Surge tester

KUST Surge Tester allows testing for up to 5 kV with full graphical demonstration of the test waveforms. Our patented design offer corona effect measurement. PT series is the world’s only test solution offering customers so much for so little. Variety of interfaces and sampling of up to 200Ms/s. KUST Pulse testers is a leading and most advanced equipment of this type. Impulse winding testing is simple and allow quick and accurate result.

Surge test is designed to highlight the weakness in the insulation of the wire, enamel wire is used to produce electric motor parts and inductors. Surge test is a recommended method for winding testing and not only detect damage but also can highlight week points in the insulation. KUST surge testers are designed around customer needs and provide most reliable and trusted method for impulse winding test.

PT50 series is offered in two variants:  single (1 channel) and Multi-channel (4 channel) version which makes it the ideal solution for measurements on magnetic components or 3 phase electric motors. 4 channel version can be programmed and configured as voltage high-terminal, voltage low-terminal and OFF. 

PT5040 3 phase connectionPT5040 was designed to meet requirement of customers testing 3 phase motors.

Both Delta and Star Connections can be easily connected. Switching between winding is eliminated which reduces time and eliminate human error. All Terminals are fully programable: ON/OFF/Not in USE. Test is run a sequence and all waveforms are automatically compared on the instrument screen. Each phase/waveform can be individually evaluated and compared to each other.

Damaged transformer

Why Surge test is important, is it worth to buy a surge tester?:

There are many reasons why the winding can burn out but most common issue is related to the enamel wire. Most likely short between windings / turns will cause the problem. Turn to turn or phase to phase short will cause the Failures due to overheating caused by excessive current flow. Surge/Impulse winding testing should be performed as a routine during the production and also when wound components (magnetics, motors) are serviced.

Electric Motor failure can be very expensive to repair. However, if the surge test is used to find the material fault at the production stage then life time of the electric motor is increased.

Chokes, Transformers, etc.. are used in almost every device which generate or convert energy. It is important to implement Surge testing in to the production routine.  Often imperfection in laminated wire used to wound the winding can cause whole batch of finished products to fail almost straight after the product is used at operating conditions, Cost of the Surge tester can be 100 less then rectifying problems coming for m poor quality.

Surge tester specification, surge test conditions

Surge tester Overview:

Very Simple and easy to read surge test result: graphical display of the waveform. Comparison method is used to determine the result of the surge test. Surge test result of the tested part is compared to the master  waveform of good known UUT. PASS / FAIL is displayed to confirm the result of the surge test. Two illuminated buttons on the front panel offer visual confirmation after surge tester finish the test

Surge test result, surge tester display   Surge test result, surge tester display fail

Surge tester can provide area measurement at desired voltage and sampling rate. During the surge test it is possible to select "corona effect measurement" tester will measure corona phenomena and report the result. During the batch testing, every surge test is recorded and the statistics are available of the front panel.

surge tester screen - area method   surge tester statistics

Surge testers give every user opportunity to choose from variety of communication ports. Also every surge tester offer front USB Host port for portable USB storage. This allow to store screenshots of the surge test waveforms and also surge tester configuration files. Surge tester can read up to 600 set-up files from the portable USB memory. For remote operation user can choose between RS232, GPIB or USB. All communication protocols / commands are available in the user manual. Possibility to include handler (PLC) port.

Ordering info:

  • PT5020 PULSE TESTER: 1 Channel (single phase), 3000V:  €2.063,00 
  • PT5030 PULSE TESTER: 1 Channel (single phase), 5000V:  €2.450,00
  • PT5040 PULSE TESTER: 4 Channel (three phase),  5000V:  €3.082,00
  • CONTROL SOFTWARE:   €185,00

Standard Communication ports: 


In the Box:

  • KA1017 High Voltage test cables (as per number of channels)
  • KA1027 Foot Switch
  • Mains Lead & Test Certificate

high voltage danger, surge test dangerSurge Tester can provide an output voltage as high as  5000V AC to the external device under test (DUT). Although the tester unit is designed with full attention to operator safety, serious hazards could occur if the instrument is used improperly and the safety rules are not followed. It is strongly advised to operate Surge tester by trained operator and all aspects of tester use are within health and safety rules for the country where tester will be used.

Surge Tester: Control software (optional)

SURGE tester software

SURGE tester software

Control Software:

  • Available in both: English & German
  • Control of the surge tester from the PC
  • Full graphical waveform display
  • Data storage / result
  • Test set-up storage and loading in to the tester
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Unlimited copies per license purchase
  • 5 day free demo version available.
  • 32 & 64 bit Windows tested

KUST Elektronik Software for PT5020 & PT5030 allows full control of the equipment. Designed around customer needs, detailed application requirement and with easy use as a priority. Available both in German and in English language. Surge Tester control software is designed to work on both 32 and 64 bit Windows based computers.

PT50XX Control Software allows to fully control our Surge tester: setting up test conditions, storing test/equipment set-up files, saving data in numerical and graphical form (waveform saving). 

Software is optional however one license provides unlimited number of software copies. Software can be installed and activated on several computers.