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February 2017: Surge tester, Control Software now available

PT50XX Control Software:


KUST Elektronik Software for PT5020 & PT5030 allows full control of the equipment. Designed around customer needs, detailed application requirement and with easy use as a priority. Software is available in both German and English language. Surge Tester control software is designed to work on both 32 and 64 bit Windows based computers.

Software allows to fully control our Surge tester: setting up test conditions, storing test/equipment set-up files, saving data in numerical and graphical form (waveform saving). 

Software is optional however one license provides unlimited number of software copies. Software can be installed and activated on several computers.

Please visit our Surge Test page for more info.

January 2017: LM1010 LCR Meter, selectable test signal and added functionality




Precision LCR meter

KUST LM1010 Precision LCR meter Improved:



KUST LM1010 LCR Meter received an update. In the response to many customers requests we have updated our already great LCR meter to suit more customers requirements.

LM1010 now offers selectable Voltage: 50mV - 1V (10mV resolution), more frequency points (37 in total) make LM1010 more usable for customers wishing to perform frequency sweep or testing at none standard operating frequencies. LM1010 LCR meter now features DCR measurement as standard.

Already a great meter just became even better, great accuracy proven several times in tests against much more expensive competitors and several accredited accuracy verifications around the world makes LM1010 LCR meter a great value for the money.

Please visit our LM1010 Product page for more info.

About KUST Elektronik GmbH:

Passive Components
Test solutions for passive components: inductors, capacitors to filters. KUST offer wide rand of test equipment to suit any test needs.
Electric Motors
Surge test is designed to highlight the weakness in the insulation of the wire, enamel wire is used to produce electric motor parts and inductors.
Safety Testing
The hipot test is a nondestructive test that determines the adequacy of electrical insulation for the normally occurring over voltage transient.

For over two decades KUST is actively taking part in European development and production of Magnetic components. We provide support and solutions to Customers in Europe and they production facilities around the world. KUST have build a reputation for outstanding support, cost effective product and service solutions and our name is well known within the industry. KUST guarantee pre and post sales support to match any expectations, same as our self our distribution network is carefully selected and offer great experience and knowledge in the field of motors, magnetics and test solutions.