ST4028 High Voltage Tester

High voltage tester

ST4028 High Voltage tester.

Fully programable, 8 channel High voltage tester.

Multi - Channel Connection

8 Independent Channels for multi point High Voltage test. Safer and quicker.

Test Voltage:

5kV AC Withstand Voltade

6kV DC Withstand Voltage

1kV Insulation Resistance



Starting from:


High Voltage tester Overview:

● 5kV AC & 6kV DC maximum Voltage
● 1000V Insulation resistance test
● Simple set-up
● Fully programmable 8 step testing
● Ramp up and down selectable.
● OSC: Open/Short circuit check
● Visual and sound indication of pass/fail result.
● Safe Discharge
● GFI: The body electric shock resistant.
● Built-in 8 channel SCANNER
● Saving and restoring configuration files
● Interface: HANDLER, RS232, USBCDC, USBTMC, SCANNER, GPIB(optional).
● ARC Detection Technology
● Fast and safe testing

ST series High Voltage Tester was Designed with care and attention to make high voltage testing safer and faster. Clear, high contrast display takes user through the set-up and display progress of the test. ST Series High Voltage tester offer fully programable: output voltage, the rise and fall time. The breakdown voltage and current is displayed in real time. 

Our High Voltage tester offer 8 channels for multi-point testing. All is preprogrammed and individual channels can be switched on or of dependent on the need of the test. Multi channel testing reduces human error which is associated with changing connections. ST4028 reduces safety risks due to reduced connection frequency. 

ST Series High Voltage tester can be used for verity of applications: electronic component test, electric home appliances, transformer and inductor testing, lighting appliances etc. ST4028 Withstand voltage tester provides user with several communication ports: USB, RS232, PLC and optional GPIB interface is available.

ARC Detection technology:

ARC is a physical phenomenon. We have quantified this phenomenon according to some statistical analysis and the statistical results of the customers. The normal current detect circuit can’t detect the arc pulse because the frequency range of the high frequency pulse generated by arc is from 30 kHz to 1 MHz and the duration is not long which is less than 10 us.The high frequency pulse (frequency is more than 10kHz) inputs into a high pass filter its cut-off frequency is 10 kHz, and then the filter’s output will be sent to a comparator. In the comparator, the filter’s output and the arc sensitivity data will be compared to judge the test output.

High Voltage tester speciffcation.


ST4028 High Voltage Tester