Transformer Tester:

Transformer tester

CT1010 Automatic Transformer Tester

Affordable and accurate tester for magnetic parts such as: transformers, inductors, filters, chokes.

Automatic Test System

Programable automatic transformer test between windings. Fast and accurate test without manual winding connecting.

Save time and reduce costs

Automatic test reduces time needed to test each part. Less time means reduced cost of test per part.



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Automatic Transformer Tester CT1010: Functions and Overview

KUST CT1010 is an automatic multi-parameter transformer tester used for quality control of magnetic components over a wide range of frequency (20 Hz -- 200 kHz). The primary parameters include: Inductance L, Leakage Inductance Lk, Turns-Ratio Tr, DC resistance DCR, Impedance |Z|, and Capacitance (between windings) C etc.; The secondary parameters include Quality Factor Q , ESR and Phase etc.
The advanced digital sampling technique and high-speed scanning test fixture make the transformer testing more accurate and efficient. CT1010 Provides user friendly Interface and allows to save and store test programs / user set-up’s. 

CT1010 Transformer tester offers all low Voltage tests to determine quality of produced parts. CT1010 significantly reduces time needed to test parts by eliminating need to re-connect each winding. 

LCR Mode of the CT1010 allows to use tester as standard LCR meter with continue scan/measurement of pr-set function.

Transformer tester result

All test data on one screen with clear PASS/FAIL Indication.

transformer tester

Simple transformer Pin assignment to the test fixture.

Multiple Screen Modes for good result understanding.Easy to read test result.

self test

Fully Automatic functional test of relay matrix 

Simple parameter Set-up for each coil tested (DCR Example for each winding)

Very clear menu/part set-up

20 Pin automatic fixture - scan box.

  • High Quality Relay Matrix optimised for low resistance and capacitance measurements
  • True 4 wire connection minimise measurement errors
  • Fully automatic switching between up to 10 windings
  • Very fast Transformer test
  • Test Fixture fully controlled by CT1010 Automatic transformer tester
  • Output to manually short/control relays 
  • Easy to adjust/change test socket for different parts
  • Manual and pneumatic version of the fixture available.
  • Start/Stop Buttons on the fixture
  • PASS/FAIL LED's for easy to understand test result
  • Fixture Health check - test of the relay matrix
  • Standard socket provided 5.08mm / 2.54mm

Transformer tester

CT1010 Transformer Tester from KUST Elektronik is no bigger then standard LCR meter. Small factor allow implementation of CT1010 Automatic transformer test system in to existing LCR test stations. 200kHz Frequency range, turns ration measured by inductance of primary and secondary winding, all magnetic properties and easy to read result provide all in one test system for variety of magnetic components. CT1010 reduces human error by operating from pre-programmed setting files/test programs. Transformer tester can be operated by unskilled operator which further reduces cost of the quality control.

multi winding

Multi- Winding Test

communication ports

Variety of communication ports

CT1010 Transformer tester technical info:







KA1003   4 wire test clip leads

KA1002   2 wire test clip leads

KA1024   Handler Interface Cable

KA1027   Foot Switch

KA1030 Manual Fixture/Scan Box

Mains Lead

Test Cerifiacte


CT1010 Automatic Transformer Tester:

• 9.7 inch 16: TFT LCD display, resolution of 800 x 480 RGB
• Single page result display with clear PASS/FAIL Dispaly
• Built in LCR Mode - impedance meter
• 20 Pin automatic Transformer test System
• USB disk result saving - no need for computer connection.
• 200kHz test frequency, resolution 10mHz
• BasicAccuracy: 0.05%
• Up to 150 tests per second
• Automatic level control ALC function: voltage and current. (V&I)
• 30 ohm, 100 ohm, 10 /100, 10 /CC, output impedance
• built in 10 comparator, file sorting and counting function.
• Internal memory hold100 set-up files / test programs
• USB disk set-up / test progam loading
• optional + 10V (+ 100mA) and 1 A internal DC bias source
• standard RS232C, HANDLER, USB HOST, optional GPIB, LAN

Standard Accessories Included with every CT1010 Automatic Transformer test system:
Screen Transformer tester Fixture

LCR meter test cablesGPIB/IEE Cable KA1015

LCR meter test wire

CT1010 Transformer Tester Speciffication.