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Precision LCR Meter | Surge test | resistance Meters | Safety Testing

KUST Elektronik GmbH offer precision and affordable test solutions to test passive components and electric motors.
Precision LCR Meter

LCR Meters, from low to high bandwidth, with component analysis function. Combination of world leading technology and decades of experience allowing KUST to offer very advanced products to suit any application and customer needs. Every LCR bridge comes with variety of communication ports as standard. Every LCR meter utilise advanced Inductance and impedance measurement technology.


Surge test: KUST surge testing is made easy and is affordable. PT5020 and PT5030 offer SURGE test with graphical display of performed measurement. 5 and 3 kV modles availble. Easy to oeprate, accurate and reliable. Modern display, variety of communication ports and lightweight design makes PT Series very user friendly. Perfect test solution for Impulse winding testing to determine quality of the insulation.


Featuring a special low resistance mode for measuring low levels of resistance, the MM series is best suited for testing resistors, switches, very small contact resistance, relay coils, transformers, inductors, motors and other types of electrical equipment. KUST offer low resistance meters with temperature measurement / correction.

Hi-Pot / Safety Test

Comping Soon.


Whenever small SMD or large pin through transformer need to be tested, KUST Elektronik offers competitive range of accessories to interface with the tester. KUST Elektronik also help to design and build custom made test fixtures according to the application need and purpose.

About KUST

LCR meters, SURGE testers, High Voltage testings

For over two decades KUST is actively taking part in European development and production of Magnetic components. We provide support and solutions to Customers in Europe and they production facilities around the world. KUST have build a reputation for outstanding support, cost effective product and service solutions and our name is well known within the industry. KUST guarantee pre and post sales support to match any expectations, same as our self our distribution network is carefully selected and offer great experience and knowledge in the field of motors, magnetics and test solutions.

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Whenever you need LCR meter or there is a need to perform surge test, KUST Elektronik GmbH will offer you affordable test solution.