Control Software

Optional software for our Surge Testers allow to fully control and obtain test data from our PT series Surge testers. Test data can be evaluated in great detail on the PC screen. Software allows to program and save all test set-up for the tester.

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Software for surge tester

Automatic Transformer Tester CT1010:

CT1010 Transformer tester offers all low Voltage tests to determine quality of produced parts. CT1010 significantly reduces time needed to test parts by eliminating need to re-connect each winding. CT1010 Transformer Tester from KUST Elektronik is no bigger then standard LCR meter. Small factor allow implementation of CT1010 Automatic transformer test system in to existing LCR test stations.

Automatic Transformer tester

PT5040 Multi Channel Surge Tester

PT5040 was designed to meet requirement of customers testing 3 phase motors.
Both Delta and Star Connections can be easily connected. Switching between winding is eliminated which reduces time and eliminate human error.

Surge tester

Precision LCR meter LM1010

Compact, light yet packed with great functions. Recently added DCR measurement, extended frequency and selectable voltage. LM1010 LCR meter is a perfect solution for anyone who needs accurate and stable LCR Instrument.

100kHz, (37 Frequency points)
50mV to 1V AC, 10mV res.
Basic Accuracy: 0.05%

Clear LED Indication to easily determine test result. Settings can be either stored in the internal memory or on the portable memory (USB).

Precision LCR meter
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Welcome to KUST Elektronik GmbH

Whenever you are looking for LCR meter, Surge tester or Automatic transformer tester, we have test solution for you.

KUST Elektronik GmbH offers accurate, stable and reliable test and measurement equipment.We work with leaders of magnetic and electric motor manufacturers. Our test equipment is well proven and designed with cooperation with some of the biggest names in the European Industry. We have over 20 years experience. 

Test And measurement equipment don't have to be expensive. Our Equipment range offers affordable LCR meters and Industry leading Surge testers paired with very efficient computer software. Our Automatic transformer tester was designed with one goal, to make quality testing quicker and cheaper. 

KUST provides sales and support of Transformer testing equipment, LCR Meters and High Voltage equipment for over 25 years.

Transformer tester fixture

Transformer testing made easy:

KUST Elektronik GmbH offer automatic transform testing system designed to simplify, reduce cost and time needed to test inductors, transformers and filters. Our test system include 20 node switching fixture. There is no need to connect in to each winding individually to fully test magnetic part. Test programs are programmed and stored through the CT1010 Automatic transformer test system. 

CT1010 Automatic Transformer tester can operate also as traditional LCR meter, Scan function allow to perform continuous measurement of selected parameter. Test fixture can be quickly replaced by traditional 4 wire Kelvin test leads. 

20 Node test fixture allow to test parts with up to 10 windings without the need to reconnect manually. This eliminates possible human error and reduces test time.

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